Unique Fitness and Lifestyle is home to the University of Bradford’s newly refurbished gym

In the Autumn of 2019, the University of Bradford chose to reinvest in their Strength & Conditioning Suite to better suit the needs of its growing member community. Their fitness facelift included a range of free weights (Dumbbells, Olympic Discs & storage), in addition to new functional gym equipment e.g. Medicine, which neatly matched their red/black branding.

Having experience working with Universities, we were able to deliver on the quality and expectations of the University, whilst meeting the needs of its student population and community members.

We have purchased equipment from Jordan Fitness for over 5 years now however during our recent installation we have worked closely with them to ensure we were able to support our customers with the equipment they wanted. This was when we saw just how professional and supportive Jordan really are. It made the installation much easier, thank you. - Katie Moore, Business Development Manager, University of Bradford
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