When you have a small space to train your clients you need the ultimate space saving solution – The HIIT Bench

Brothers Martin and Stuart, own their own Boutique style Personal Training Studio in Teddington, a leafy suburb of London. Offering one-to-one PT and a range of small group training options, they work with a range of clients.

Looking to make a statement and with space at a premium, they were looking for something that delivered on versatility, durability and user friendliness. The HIIT Bench offered everything they needed, from storage to functionality, and with the option to custom brand both their dumbbells and the HIIT Bench itself, offered the 5 star finish they were looking for.

The HIIT Bench had a wow factor. When we brought them in everyone was so impressed, we had this high-end product. For the size of gym we have, HIIT Benches make a workout very easy. You can move from a plyo jump into a bench/dumbbell press into a single leg squat, and it’s almost seamless, you’ve got one station that can work the whole body - Stuart Levett, Foundry Fitness
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