As technology is now everywhere, it is no surprise that it is now also making its way into our clothing. Advanced textiles are woven with components like circuitry or sensors to offer a whole new level of functionality. While the Guardian reports that this can lead to a wide range of unusual functions including tweeting thoughts onto a dress and displaying digital patterns, the ones who are benefiting the most from this new trend are fitness enthusiasts. 

As we have covered before on Jordan Fitness, the fitness clothing market has evolved to offer smart products that can do anything from track your heart rate to sending you notifications regarding your overall health. In this article, we will be taking a look at the top smart clothes for anyone looking to get fit this summer: 

1. MyZone Sports Bra (£50) 

Building a heart rate monitor into a sports bra is an effective way to track fitness without burdening the user, and that is exactly why Pocket Lint lists this among the must haves for anyone looking to incorporate wearable devices into their wardrobe. With the MyZone, collected heart rate data is then transferred into a connected device and combined with the app, where users can track their fitness progress and plan out their goals accordingly. It can even share data with any Bluetooth connected device, providing the flexibility to use it even on the go. 

2. Hexoskin (£255)

Similar to the MyZone Sports Bra, the Hexoskin smart shirt offers heart rate monitoring capabilities as well. The difference, however, is that the Hexoskin goes beyond that and is able to track other things such as the user’s sleeping habits, calories burned with each step, and even their breathing rate. Our readers who play sports like football should consider investing in this smart shirt for its advanced wicking fabric. A post entitled ‘The Evolution of Football Kits’ explains that this type of fabric works by drawing moisture away and letting air in, keeping the players cool. This is ideal for the hot summer months where playing under the sun can cause an increase in the amount a player sweats. The shirts are available for both men and women, as well as in long sleeves and short sleeves for cooler and warmer weather respectively. 

3. Altra Torin IQ (£165) 

With features able to provide a wide range of running insights such as how hard your foot hits the ground, it’s not surprising that Wired is convinced similar wearables are the future. More than a running shoe, the Altra Torin IQ lives up to its name by performing intelligent analysis of your foot’s positioning as it hits the ground- -whether you are landing on your heel, forefoot or mid-foot. This technology provides great help in injury prevention, helping to achieve that slim runner’s body in time for the summer just a tiny bit easier. 

4. Lumo Run (£75.99)

This is another wearable device that helps to improve your running technique, as its built-in sensors tell you how to improve nearly every aspect of your running from posture to cadence. The data collected is then synced with a companion app and can even offer personalised exercise drills to help you improve based on the data collected. With such a convenient and helpful device at your disposal, there is simply no excuse for going on that run “some other time”. 


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