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As an official UK supplier of BlazePod Light Reaction Fitness Sets, we're extremely excited to see this fantastic brand grow from strength to strength, following their announcement of $8.5m funding boost. Their new investment sees them continue to expand into the North American market, with a brand new office in California opening as its base.

Founded in 2017 by Yaniv Shneiderman, the interactive training aid develops speed and strength using visual cues provided by touch sensor pods controlled by a mobile app. The uniquely designed lighting pods create visual cues and prompts to enhance workouts, challenge speed, agility, reaction times and other fitness elements. The Home Fitness Reaction Kit is perfect for home use, while the BlazePod Trainer Kit is perfect tool for Personal Trainers and Fitness Trainers to use in their sessions. jordan fitness blaze pod

As well as being utilised by health clubs and studios, BlazePod is used by around 300,000 pro and amateur athletes and trainers across 120 countries from the NFL to Formula 1.

 Blazepod's Tom Judge said:

“Our new US office gives us a great opportunity to grow the brand and educate our community of coaches, athletes, fitness trainers, and therapists about the benefits flash reflex training has on our mind and our bodies.”

We wish BladePod luck and look forward to seeing them continue their global expansion with this incredible fitness product.


If you'd like to invest in BlazePod at your gym/facility, contact us for more information.

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