Jordan Fitness are highly regarded as ‘Functional Fitness Specialists’ so it stands to reason that our products should reflect our brand standards. For this reason Jordan fitness are delighted to introduce the Portable Core Trainer as our product of the month for November.

This product really is 100% portable – no need for screws or fixings. It fits perfectly into your Olympic Bar and discs to provide you the opportunity to train wherever and whenever you want – at home, in the office, at the training ground or on the road.

The multi-directional swivel allows rotational exercises and presses, which add core stability as well as rotational strength and upper body mobility.

There is a wide range of exercises you can perform, including squats, multi-directional lunging, core rotations, wood chopping, overhead pressing, shoulder to shoulder pressing, rowing and so much more.

“The new Jordan Fitness Portable Core Trainer is perfect for all the key rotational, pressing and rowing exercises” says ‘Jordan Fitness’ Training Academy Manager Mark Laws. “What I love most about this piece of equipment is that it is truly 100% portable, which means I can use it anywhere without worrying about destroying the wall by jamming an Olympic bar into a corner wherever I am working/training”.

This image also shows Competition Technique plates and the Steel Series Straight Olympic bar available here


The Portable core Trainer is available from Jordan Fitness from November 2013 

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