Jordan Fitness team members were in Telford on July 3rd for the annual UKActive Flame Conference - the biggest educational and networking event for the health and fitness sector. 

The Flame conference is held annually by UKactive, the not-for-profit industry body that provides services and facilities partnerships for a broad range of organisations, all of which support the vision of "more people, more active, more often" to improve the health of the nation.

Jordan Fitness are one of the 3,000 UKactive members and attendees at the Flame conference ranged from fitness facilities, suppliers, leisure trusts, outdoor fitness providers, trainers, sports providers, education and training providers, lifestyle companies and charities.

The Flame conference also concludes with the Ball of Fire, a celebration of innovation and excellence, where winners of the Ukactive and Matrix Flame Awards are announced.

Jordan Fitness' new Marketing Manager, Tamara Emery and Account Manager, Tom Hookham (pictured above) spent the day listening to the fantastic range of speakers at this year’s event and networking with fellow industry professionals.

The theme for this year's Flame conference was 'Embrace change or accept irrelevance - thriving in turbulent times.'

The overriding message from Ukactive to the fitness industry is there is no better opportunity than RIGHT NOW to help improve the health of the nation. Some challenges put to us as industry professionals is to:

1. Expand fitness products and services
2. Embrace research on how to improve fitness
3. Build partnerships with schools and businesses in the community
4. Embrace technology
5. Influence a change in behaviours, build partnerships with the medical community
6. Exercise professionalism and expertise and continue to develop our teams. 

Jordan Fitness, as leading industry specialists, educate, innovate and create functional fitness for our customers. New services, markets and products are continually part of our brand strategy in addition to providing first class customer service. We also engage clients and their customers with our Results Based Training (RBT) programme. We don't rest on our laurels. We are constantly evolving. 

Tamara Emery, Marketing Manager at Jordan Fitness, says “ The seminar-style sessions we attended covered a diverse range of topics including marketing, technology, management, personal development, sales and service. They were supported by a world-renowned keynote speech from Leadership Coach, Jim Steele and James Bond poker advisor, Caspar Berry. Have fun, enjoy the ride and keep smiling, these were great words by speaker, Dr Steve Bull, but we also recognise that the fitness industry is an ever fluctuating market. By continually embracing change and diversification in our products and services, we can encourage more people to benefit from functional fitness".

For more information on UK Active visit their website

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