PC Daniel Sullivan, Specialist Trainer/ PTI at Bedfordshire Police puts a sandbag through its paces


Functional Fitness specialists, Jordan Fitness have been putting Bedfordshire Police through their paces with their REPs accredited Strength and Conditioning Course delivered by the Jordan Academy at Bedfordshire Police HQ.

With fitness and conditioning a necessity for the force, the course saw officers covering the basics of strength of conditioning training. This included Olympic Weightlifting, Kettlebell training and Powerlifting with application for improving performance and resilience required for police officers.

“The Training team at Bedfordshire Police are an exemplary team of fitness professionals who are constantly striving to improve the quality of training to their officers. They always evaluate how the exercises, equipment and training methods that we cover on the courses can be applied specifically to police officer training and rehabilitation”, says Allan Collins, Director of Education at Jordan Fitness.

“This was the second course that Jordan Fitness has delivered to the team at Bedfordshire Police, Kettlebell Certification was the first, and there are always stimulating discussions. In particular, the AlphaStrong Sandbag has the exact weight and grips to 'mimic' the forced-entry equipment that the officers use. Officers were keen to learn how this equipment, combined with suitable exercises, can be used to improve job related fitness. It can also save thousands of pounds by 'screening' potential attendees on the forced entry courses”.

PC Daniel Sullivan, Specialist Trainer/ PTI at Bedfordshire Police says, “ Jordan Training Academy modules have offered an affordable solution to the CPD needs of the Specialist Trainers here at Bedfordshire Police.

“We have been thoroughly impressed with the variety of strength and conditioning modules available and the tailored subject delivery by knowledgeable professional tutors. Jordan Training Academy tutors made immense efforts to understand what exactly an operational Police Officers’ fitness needs are, in order that the end product was fit for purpose.

“Having used Jordan Training Academy tutors on two separate occasions now, the Specialist Training Unit Tutors won’t use another provider for our R.E.P.S accredited CPD events”

For more information on the Jordan Fitness Academy visit http://www.jordanfitness.co.uk/

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