Huge congratulations to our sponsee, unbeaten professional boxer, Jordan Gill, who claimed his second victory on 13th October.

From CambsTimes24:

Gill’s army of fans from the Fens filed into Kent’s Glow Centre to watch him out-class, out-think and out-box featherweight Dan Naylor.

The 18-year-old won the bout 40-35 on points, claiming all four rounds and knocking his opponent down in the third.

“I’m still buzzing,” said Gill. “I decked the kid.

“In the third round I had him on the floor. I caught him with a left hook that landed right on the chin and he just folded.

“I wasn’t allowed to knock him out, they wanted me to get the rounds in, so I went back to my corner and I thought I would do a little bit of a dance while he was on the floor.”

Gill’s performance pleased his legendary trainer Dominic Ingle and it delighted the hundreds of fans who cheered every punch from the stands.


“I had such massive support and it was awesome,” said Gill, nicknamed ‘The Thrill’.

“When they called my name there was an eruption and whenever I caught him the crowd were going crazy.

“I’m doing what I’ve always dreamed of. If you can put a smile on people’s faces and entertain them, that’s what it’s all about. I loved every second of it.

“Some people even bought tickets to come and see me as presents for their parents.

“When people you don’t know come up and ask for your autograph, that’s a great feeling. Some people said that I stood out and to hear comments like that is really positive.”

Gill’s followers will not have to wait long to see him back in action as his next bout is lined up for November 10. The teenager is set to box at Norwich Showground, on the undercard of British heavyweight star Sam Sexton.

Gill said: “It’s brilliant that I’m getting the opportunities and I’ll keep on taking them.

“I’m better now than I’ve ever been. I’m improving every day and I’m enjoying every aspect of the training.”

Gill thanked his coaches at the Ingle gym, all the fans who travelled to watch him and his sponsors.

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