UCMMA (Ultimate Cage Fighting) have teamed up with functional fitness specialists, Jordan Fitness, to promote their televised series of fights for the 2012 season.

Formerly known as “Cage Rage”, UCMMA are Europe’s most consistent Mixed Martial Arts promoters, staging over 60 MMA events, over 12 live Events and 15 Arena Events. The UK fights, to be televised on Sky Sports, are held at the Troxy Arena in London and the Jordan Fitness logo will be heavily featured on the graphics for the cage posts, canvas floor of the ring, shown as sponsored television adverts and in all associated promotional and advertising material from UCMMA, including the official website at

Fighters include The Only Way is Essex trainer Tony Giles and professional cage fighter, Alex Reid and UCMMA attracts an audience from all over the world to sell out shows.  

“We’ve linked up with UCMMA as it is the perfect platform for promoting our strength and conditioning equipment to a wider market of fitness enthusiasts”, says Zak Pitt, Sales Director at Jordan Fitness. “Jordan Fitness has a range of equipment, as used by professional fighters, available for the amateur to help improve overall fitness training and we are proud to support UCMMA for the 2012 season”.

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