Jordan Fitness were at Rimini Wellness in Italy from 10th - 13th May 2012. It was a great show, with plenty of energy (despite the torrential rain on the last day!). 

Jordan Fitness were there primarily to support and train our exclusive Italian distributor, Star Trac, and their academy Master Trainers in RBT (our Results Based Training programme) and to organise demonstrations of our functional fitness equipment on our huge stand. 

Jordan Fitness equipment being put through its paces by a very enthusiastic crowd, who were keen to do their own workouts in between demonstrations, included Jordan Fitness Dumbbells, AlphaStrong Sandbags and Sandballs, Kettlebells, Suspension Training (Frame, JGXT and Milo), Fat Gripz, medicine balls, ropes and our combat range of equipment. 

We received excellent feedback from the Master Trainers, all of whom have thoroughly embraced the RBT philosophy. And, judging by the buzz on the stand, RBT will be a huge hit across Europe!

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