Jordan Fitness regularly adds new products to their extensive product range throughout the year. The PowerWave 2.0 been added to that line-up and are available to pre-order now at

PowerWave 2.0

The PowerWave is a revolutionary training tool that has taken the fitness industry by storm. A workout for the entire body; this product will aid posture and develop core strength and endurance. The cross trainer is specifically designed to generate more resistance with greater movement and effort – continually breaking your fitness limits, unlike other products on the market.

Originally praised for amazing results with just a 20-minute workout, PowerWave has evolved to bring you the 2.0.

The PowerWave 2.0 features a unique grip training system. The thick padded griptracks allows for greater movement within your workout and extend the movement repertoire of the programme.

The PowerWave was never just a piece of equipment; it was a lifestyle. When you purchase a PowerWave, you receive access to a host of online content including the original Wave20 workout. It too has evolved to bring you new content such as the Complete 30/40 and 5th degree workouts, Treats Without the Cheats video blog and PowerWave member and instructor databases to find your local class and connect with others.

The PowerWave 2.0 Super, Spartan and Beast models are now available to pre-order here.

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