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Jordan Fitness recently refurbished the Power Plate® showroom in London with new flooring.

Jordan installed their High Performance flooring using their expert in-house installation team. High Performance flooring combines the best features of EVA and Rubber, making it highly resistant to all types of damage, reducing noise and vibration with its cushioned surface. This type of flooring is designed to suit all types of functional training or studio environments, including Power Plate studios. Clients can also choose to print their logo or functional markings on the tiles.

“When looking for new flooring to complete our Power Plate showroom, Jordan was our first choice. We value Jordan’s expertise and their recommendation to colour code our flooring to differentiate the fitness and healthcare devices. Their in-house installation team installed the flooring efficiently and with minimal disturbance to our work. I would recommend Jordan Fitness to any fitness facility on service alone.” Chris Brown, Head of Corporate Wellness, Elderly Care & Medical at Performance Health System, manufacturer and distributor of Power Plate devices.

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