Jordan Fitness has teamed up with Sahara Force India to boost the team’s training efforts throughout the remainder of the season.

Jordan Fitness, the functional fitness specialists, will provide Sahara Force India with a range of training equipment to enhance the pit crew’s strength, stamina and technique during pit stops.

Andy Stevenson, Sporting Director of Sahara Force India: “In Formula One, every hundredth of a second counts and the fitness of the team plays an important role in the speed of every pit-stop. The Jungle Gym XT® is ideal for us as we travel all over the world. It fits easily into our luggage and we can use it pretty much anywhere. Being fit and training frequently is part of our mentality at Sahara Force India and by working with Jordan Fitness we are giving our guys the best opportunity to perform at their optimum.”

Jordan fitness will supply the pit crew with Lifeline® Jungle Gym XT®’s to enhance their training routine. The Jungle Gym XT® offers countless movements to target individual muscle groups. Sahara Force India Team members can experience a full body workout through this simple, yet effective, piece of equipment.

Zak Pitt, Sales Director at Jordan Fitness, said: “It is a pleasure to work with a prestigious Formula One team like Sahara Force India and we wish them well during the season. We are looking forward to providing our state-of-the-art fitness equipment and offering our training services as the team develop their training programmes.”

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