The PowerWave is the latest product stocked by Jordan Fitness – the functional fitness specialists. It is a revolutionary 20-minute workout for the entire body, working on posture, core strength and endurance.

The product features a temperature responsive gel and is weighted to aid the users posture during use.

The Wave20 workout repeats 5 different exercises, 4 times within 20 minutes. Each round is 50 seconds long followed by a 10 sec break. Sounds too intense? Why not try the Wave30 or Wave40 – 1 exercise, 30 or 40 repetitions, your own time.

The Jordan team trained with creator and Instructor Jason Laville, last Monday (19th). Many felt the effects of the Wave20 workout days later and after only one session! Jordan Fitness also run courses for Personal Trainers and Fitness professionals to qualify as PowerWave instructors.

Mark Laws, Trainer Academy Manager at Jordan Fitness, said: “The PowerWave looks set to create a bit of a storm in the industry. Not only is it easy to learn within minutes and can be easily modified for beginners, but the fitter you are the more difficult each session gets – this makes it very unique and suitable for all ability levels. There is scope for PowerWave sessions to be the toughest workouts you have ever done. I am really excited that the Jordan training Academy will have training courses starting in February. People really need to try a session to appreciate how effective this product could be for them.”

Even professional athletes have praised the product. MensHealth model Daniel Ventura Martin, said*: “That’s the toughest exercise I’ve done in my entire life and I thought I was fit. Every muscle in my body aches. I’ve done high intensity training in the past but nothing compares to the PowerWave. As a Personal Trainer, this is something I will be torturing my clients with.”

The PowerWave is available from Jordan Fitness and courses for Fitness Instructors are enrolling now. Visit our website for more details or contact us on +44 (0)1553 763 285.

* Paraphrased from the YouTube video located at


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