Jordan Fitness are excited to announce that they will be supplying FLOWIN® Friction Training™ products and training courses.

This deal will see the Norfolk based Functional Fitness supplier become the exclusive distributor of FLOWIN® products in the UK.

FLOWIN® Friction Training™ is easy to use, no installation needed, can be easily transported and requires only the user’s bodyweight – which means you could be benefitting from the FLOWIN® product immediately.

Designed by a group of elite decathletes with extensive athletic, medical and healthcare knowledge, FLOWIN® utilises the principles of friction to develop strength, power, flexibility, mobility, balance and speed. By altering the amount of applied pressure on the pads, the user can control the difficulty and intensity of each movement – simply stated as “an exercise form that works with you, and for you”.

Chief Operating Officer of FLOWIN® AB, Anders Lindfors, said ”It is a pleasure and privilege for FLOWIN® to partner with Jordan Fitness. We are really looking forward to support the UK market with our education and equipment. With the team at Jordan Fitness on our side I trust you will find unrivalled quality, service and professionalism”. 

Training Academy Manager at Jordan Fitness, Mark Laws, explained “I fell in love with this product as soon as I saw it. Not only is it effective for rehabilitating injured athletes, but even the strongest of users can benefit from the endless range of exercises. As well as being easy to use and suitable for all abilities, there is the added bonus of an excellent education package too. The combination of the FLOWIN® product and education package makes it a valuable tool for any fitness/healthcare professional”.

FLOWIN® products and courses can be purchased through Jordan Fitness or their extensive network of trusted distributors. Visit or call +44 (0)1553 763285 for details.

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