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Jordan Fitness has introduced a new and improved version of the ever popular Sandbag which is set to become the strongest and most versatile sandbag on the market. The Jordan Sandbag X-Treme IS available in 4 different sizes, each with multiple handles and flexible weight ranges. This means that these bags have more uses than ever and can be enjoyed by people of all abilities.


Having listened to the needs of our customers the Sandbag X-Treme is strong enough to deal with the robust physical demands of Elite performance athletes, CrossFit venues, MMA fighters, Boot Camps, Uniformed Services and much more. Not only are they strong, but with so many handles and so much functionality they are great for PTs, Gym Instructors, Group Fitness Instructors and any other gym/studio based professionals. Finally, with new graphics and an improved design they are far more attractive than their predecessors. Strong, versatile and attractive – what more could you ever need?


The Sandbag X-Treme is made from an ultra-durable fabric that can withstand the most punishing of workouts, plus they include a ‘non-leak’ inner liner, a triple set handle configuration for maximum versatility and benefit from reinforced stress points to enhance their durability. No other sandbag on the market has been subjected to such extensive slamming tests over a period of time.


When purchasing the Sandbag X-treme you have three weight options…

1 – purchase it empty and fill it yourself, up to the maximum recommended level.

2 – have it filled up to the maximum recommended level by us.

3 – specify a particular weight (up to the maximum recommended) and we will make it up especially.


The Jordan Sandbag X-Treme range is available in the following sizes and weight fills…

Small (Green) up to 12kg, Medium (Blue) up to 22kg, Large (Red) up to 40kg and Ball (Orange) up to 12kg.


To really get the most out of your Sandbag X-Treme then why not look into hosting your own Sandbag workshop/certification through the Jordan Training Academy. Participants will not only learn the basics, but they will go away with a vast catalogue of progression and regression exercises that will keep their clients on their toes and make all of the sessions fun and effective.

Not only is the Sandbag X-Treme suitable for any traditional exercises, but with the versatile handles and the amount of information gained on the course there is no limit to how many exercises you can perform, including rowing, pressing, throwing, squatting, slamming, dragging, carrying, pushing and pulling movements.


Sales Director, Zak Pitt, says “Giving our customers both amazing innovations and incredible value by supplying the very best functional fitness equipment is what we strive to achieve. The new Sandbag X-Treme collection is designed to give our customers the flexibility and choice that they deserve and require. We’ve been able to produce the best sandbag on the market at a price lower than our competitors, mainly due to the massive quantities we’re selling throughout our distribution network.”


Prices in the range start from £40 Ex vat

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