As the dust settles on another mammoth Body Power Expo I took some time to reflect on the event and see if I could learn anything from the experience.

I learned that for one weekend a year it is acceptable for men to touch each other in the toilets, I learned that fake tan isn’t JUST for women and I learned that on the hottest weekend of the year it is still possible to get more naked people INSIDE rather than outside.

From a professional point of view there was one other factor that really stood out – most people operate in small groups – and I believe this can be crucial for facility owners/fitness managers/personal trainers looking to enhance their product range.

The industry is fully aware of SGT (Small Group Training) as a concept, but although it sounds good in theory I don’t believe we are anywhere near witnessing its potential. But having seen some eye-opening sights in the NEC this weekend, I have also had my faith in SGT restored.

Human beings are simple creatures. We like what we like, and we try to avoid anything that is different from our ‘norm’. But how many of us are actually 100% satisfied with what we have achieved? I would hazard a guess that the vast majority of us are NOT 100% satisfied – therefore it would make sense that we could do with a few changes to our routines. After all, if you do what you have always done, then you will have what you have always had.

We launched a new product at Body Power and it really was well received. ‘The Hub’ is the perfect solution for SGT. Not only can it be used to store 4 barbells and 6 Olympic Weight plates, but it can be used for an unlimited number of workouts for up to 8 people. We ran a series of 8 minute high intensity circuits using ‘The Hub’ and they were some of the most enjoyable and eye-catching workouts we had ever done. Being able to use so many barbells as well as other products added a variety that has seldom been seen before with SGT.

Just three of the 8 minute circuits was enough to push even the best of athletes to the brink of their limitations. Our sessions ticked all the boxes – they were varied, challenging, enjoyable, time-efficient and most importantly of all they were perfect for small groups.

Having spent three days observing the behaviour of the crowds at Body Power I think SGT is something that can be utilised by any facility and tailored towards their specific needs.

‘Emotional Contagion’ is the key SGT success. No, it is not this summer’s Hollywood blockbuster – it is in fact one of the most powerful human instincts that we cannot avoid, otherwise known as the ‘bandwagon’ effect. Human conduct spreads and as more people start to believe in something others will jump on the ‘bandwagon’.

So for the mavericks and visionaries among you, act quickly to make sure you are seen as a leader and not just a follower - contact because ‘The Hub’ is the place to be.



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