One of the many questions we get asked from time to time here at Jordan Fitness is “Do you supply Vinyl Kettlebells or Dumbbells?” and the answer is categorically NO!

Vinyl coated products, including Kettlebells and Studio Dumbbells, are extremely common and look lovely and shiny when they are brand new, sat on the shelf or in a brochure. Have a look at them after just a few days or weeks use and the picture will tell a completely different story, dull, scratched and probably even starting to split.


Our colour coded Kettlebells and Studio Dumbbells are always coated in high quality Neoprene which is a far more durable material. It will keep its appearance for a much longer period of time and also offer greater protection to the product.

Benefits of Neoprene over Vinyl:

• More Durable

• Won’t scratch or scuff

• Far less likely to split

• Will keep its original colour for much longer

• Better protection for the product

• Superior feel


Click Here to view our Studio Neoprene Dumbbell and our Neoprene Kettlebell

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