Jordan Fitness has introduced a new Roll Out Sprint Track to their range of market-leading functional fitness equipment. 

The Roll Out Sprint Track is ideal for use in a gym or studio where space may need to be utilised as much as possible.  The Roll Out Sprint Track does not require fixing to the floor and so can be moved around to different areas. It is also designed to provide traction between training shoes and the track unlike cheaper interlocking foam tile surfaces. The Sprint Track will give greater shock absorption, lower pressure on the foot and a higher energy return. With dimensions of 10m x 1.2m and full line markings the Roll Out Sprint Track can be used with a number of other products, such as Sleds, Battle Ropes, Slam Balls, Plyometric boxes, Dumbells, Kettlebells (all available from Jordan Fitness) and even Tyres.

The Roll Out Sprint Track is available in three colours; Red, Blue and Black, and all line markings are highly visible in white.

Mark Laws, Training Academy Manager at Jordan Fitness, says, “The new Jordan Fitness Roll Out Sprint Track is perfect for sled and prowler exercises especially. We are seeing a great surge in the popularity of these types of exercises, and this Sprint Track finally allows gym users to perform them inside without damaging the floor. Being able to roll it up and move it out of the way gives Fitness Managers a huge range of sessions they can deliver to their members even if they have limited space. In order to truly deliver ‘Functional Fitness’ you need to offer versatility and performance, often in a small space, and this product offers just that”.


For more information on the Jordan Fitness Roll Out Sprint Track, visit Here or call +44 (0)1553 763285 or email


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