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MILO KIT (Bodyweight Suspension training system)

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 MILO KIT (Bodyweight Suspension training system)

Product Information 

  • Two strap system ensures correct biomechanics in all exercises.
  • Two strap system ensures maximum safety in ALL exercises.
  • Train at home, in the office, on the training ground, on the road – where and when you want to workout!
  • Replace stand-alone gym equipment.
  • Move quickly between different exercises.
  • Create varied and multiple exercise uses.
  • Fully compliant with Suspended Body Weight Training System.
  • Small in size and low in weight for easy storage and transportation.
  • First two strap system in the UK
  • Complies with British Safety Standards with each strap tested to take 200kg of load.
  • Karabiner clips means that different attachments are available - large handle, fat gripz, triceps rope etc...
  • used extensively by many professional athletes.


  • Two door anchor points
  • Two bar/fixed point anchor points
  • Two support straps
  • Two hand/foot grips
  • Two stainless steel strap adjusters
  • Four stainless steel connecting carabinars
  • Milokit instruction booklet
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