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Clean Freek Gym Gear Guard 300 Anti-bacterial Spray

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Imagine putting a force field around your gym kit that protects you from nasty viruses such as COVID-19, for 14 days. Well…Welcome to Gear Guard 300

14 Day Protection giving your equipment and training gear complete protection for 14 days, that’s over 300 hours of protection from all bacteria and viruses

  • Tested for effectiveness against the COVID-19 virus, this ‘enveloped' virus is rendered completely inert by the protective layer that is formed by this antibacterial spray
  • 14 day mono-molecular protection after initial application - Kills 99.99% of germs including colds, flu, norovirus, athletes foot, MRSA etc
  • Helps stop cross contaminations in gyms, sports clubs, leisure centres and hotels, where gym equipment is in constant use
  • Safe for use on all hard surfaces, rubber, leather & textiles, so it offers great protection for Boxing gloves, MMA gloves etc
  • Application use; based on the treatment for one pair of trainers, one pair of boxing gloves and one pair of wraps, approx. 4 months usage.

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