Full Body Workouts

CorMax are an Australian company, based in Cronulla. The team wanted to adapt regular exercise to get the most out of every movement. This is where the water bags came from. As soon as you exercise with any of the CorMax range, the sloshing of water pulls and pushes you in every direction igniting your stabilising and core muscles instantly and working them to the max.

The bags make your whole body to move due to the unstable weight and forces you to adapt to keep the water under control. This trains not only your major muscle groups, but those that you forget to exercise. Without exception, CorMax bags will test your core and train your senses to activate or deactivate your muscles in relation to the water movement whilst improving your coordination, athletic skill, posture and reducing sports injuries. 

The water fillable reinforced PVC bags are ideal for any facility or home use - even outdoor use! 

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