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Squat Stand

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The freestanding Jordan Squat Stands are ideal for use in a gym or studio where maximising space is key, and a full Power Rack may be unsuitable.


Second stage bar holder / hooks are set in front of the main uprights for squatting to or as bar rest when doing exercises like the Romanian Deadlift, Hang Snatches / Cleans / Pulls or for Bent Over Rows. 2x12" (30cm) in length made from 2" steel tubing, weight storage peg to the front of the uprights.


• Made from 2" Steel tubing

• Weight storage peg to the front of the upright

Designed to be used with a full-length Olympic 7ft bar (internal bar length (between sleeves) must 120cm).

• The main telescopic uprights are height adjustable utilising a pull pin system.


Dimensions: Height 1344mm, Width 1010mm, Depth 640mm

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