Solan Fitness brand new functional training area with rigThe winner of Best Newcomer Gym in 2016 has wowed us again with an outstanding new gym in East Grinstead. Situated in the heart of the busy town, the brand new Solan Fitness facility oozes class and personality. Rachelle Solan, Managing Director and Josh Ahmet, Director together strive to deliver facilities with a premium and boutique feel while setting a trendy and social vibe. This creates the “Solan Experience”.

After winning the bid against 4 others on the 15,500 ft. old snooker room, Rachelle and Josh got to work on gutting the enormous space. The facility has taken three months to build. With one Solan Fitness already up and running in Orpington, the team wanted to expand, with the ambition to “take strength training mainstream”.

Designed by both Rachelle and Josh, every training area has been designed to perfection, making the most out of the space as well as providing the best equipment. The ‘safe zone’ is on a risen platform and offers the best cardio equipment for their members. The free weights area has specially selected flooring and equipment to suit the needs of free weight training. The facility comprises of a large space with smaller rooms to the side; these rooms have been transformed into sport specific spaces. One room is a combat space designed with all types of combat training in mind, including: MMA, Tai Chi, Boxing, and many more. The other separate room has been created as a studio, for classes such as ‘Spin’ and ‘Pump’ sessions.

Jordan Sandbag Pro at Solan Fitness

As well as the usual zones you would expect in most facilities, Solan Fitness have a stunning functional training section, kitted out with a huge Jordan rig, turf sprint track, boxing bags, and carefully selected Jordan functional flooring. “The functional training zone has been placed in the perfect position to catch our members’ attention, leading to the rig; standing tall with a vibrant yellow finish. We’ve done this to encourage every member to get involved,” mentioned Rachelle. The facility will offer classes on the functional rig to encourage people to try something new to coincide with their regular training schedule. Rachelle and Josh believe “the functional rig classes will be popular as we are the only gym facility in the area with a rig!”

Jordan Rubber Chrome Kettlebell set at Solan Fitness

Alongside a superb selection of gym equipment and carefully planned training areas, the team have designed the lighting, décor and feel of the facility with precision. They have fitted the entire space with adaptable lighting to help set the ambiance of a ‘fun place to be’. Rachelle and Josh have also incorporated wall murals across the entire space, which truly add character to each zone. The team have also incorporated a stunning social area, with a bar selling; protein, healthy food and more. This area has chic furniture to make the members feel great, and will offer everyone free Wi-Fi, encouraging everyone to share their experience of Solan Fitness on social media.

All in all, the East Grinstead facility delivers more than just a perfectly designed gym facility; it offers a social hub where results are inevitable. This one stop shop will be the filming ground for the SAS television programme on Channel 4 so be sure to check it out this year.


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