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With the World Health Organisation classifying the Corona Virus (COVID-19) as a pandemic (11th March 2020), we are very quickly seeing the fitness industry, as with all industries, adjust to this ever-changing environment.

Whilst the epidemic is serious, on a personal and professional level, it’s clear there are many different actions being taken within our fitness community. From Spanish Fitness Trainers running rooftop/balcony workouts, through to increased one-to-one Personal Training sessions, our fitness community is adapting and still sharing the value of exercise during this unsettling period.

Here is just a summary of how at every level, from facilities to trainers, our industry is dealing with the threat of Corona:

Gyms, Health Clubs, Leisure Centres and Boutiques

For gyms and fitness centres in countries not in a lockdown situation but where there is growing concern, the choice to continue to stay open, with a reduced customer base, or to close, is a difficult one.

Many gyms and leisure facilities are communicating clearly to their members regarding hand washing, equipment cleaning and hygiene precautions in place. Those gyms continuing to stay open now communicating the importance of social distancing (following UK government updates on 16th March) to ensure their community feels safe and cared for.
“Our aim is to encourage everyone that, even through this virus crisis, exercise is so important for our health and this will in turn help us in good stead, to fight this virus!”

Vision Fitness owner, Ollie Emsden.

Personal Trainers

For Personal Trainers such as Project Performance, based in Morzine in the French Alps, following the government decision to shut down non-essential services, the closure of their gym was essential. After offering a Bootcamp session outside in the fresh alpine air, to avoid disappointing members not affected, it was decided the best course of action was to offer home workouts instead. 


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The Palais des sports is closed for a minimum of 2 weeks unfortunately due to the virus precautions. Fortunately for us the weather is turning and the temperature is rising so I'm trying my hardest to keep the sessions running for you, outside in the fresh air. I'll be using the skate park and the football pitch next to the medical centre. Here's a little clip from the guys training this morning. I'll keep you all informed of the sessions running next week and if you're unsure, just drop me a message to check where and when the session is running. Due to the current circumstances, I recommend bringing a gym towel to wipe your face and your own gym mat if you wish. High 5's will not happen for now, but don't worry, we'll low 5 with a foot tap instead, a good test of agility and coordination. If you have any cold / flu like symptoms, a cough or a temperature, please can I ask that you refrain from attending for now. A class schedule for next week will be published over the weekend. #whatsyourproject #projectperformance #morzine #lesgets #fitness #groupfitness #grouptraining #functionaltraining #bootcamp

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Back in the UK, online and 1-2-1 Personal Training and Workouts are already offering an opportunity for many Personal Trainers. Many trainers already have a large percentage of their business online, yet the circumstances are encouraging all to consider how they can support their fitness community at this time.
Commenting on the Facebook Group, Personal Training UK (15th March), Jordan Lee Richards reacted with:
“I’m going to be placing a live feed on Facebook/Instagram and do workouts at midday ish”
With trainers like Marek, from Discover You, planning for the worst eventuality, a full lockdown, he is making sure people are aware of 1-2-1 training opportunities available.

Meanwhile in Spain, currently on lockdown, we see that social distancing doesn’t have to mean online is the only way. Sano Sevilla Bermejales show us all that as adverse as the situation may be, they still want to bring out the best in you.

Individuals in Self-Isolation

The Government's current advice* is clear, exercise is important to continue with during this outbreak. Stay at Home guidance urges:
“When you are feeling better, remember that physical exercise can be good for your wellbeing. Look for online classes or courses to help you take light exercise in your home."

To help those stuck at home, here are the Top fitness apps and online training programmes, most recently put together by The Independent.

With Jordan's FedEx delivery services still operating in the UK as normal, if as a trainer you want to invest in equipment for yourself or to pass on to your own clients, now’s a good time to do so, in case any further restrictions on movement develop.

If you're an individual working from home or in self-isolation and, like many, are desperate to stay fit and healthy, explore our best buys and home fitness kits available.

Published: 17th March 2020

Source: *Advice as of 16th March - Covid 19 Stay at Home Guidance -


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